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Product Name : The Ex Factor Guide

Product Author : Brad Browning

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The EX Factor Guide book


When your relation suddenly ends, or when your partner dumps you for some reasons best known to them, you can experience one of the lowest moments in life. It’s not uncommon for people in this situation to think that there’s no hope of mending ties with their partners. A break up usually feels like the world suddenly came to a halt, and since it’s a very emotional time, it can affect other important things in your life, like your job and career. Obviously, if you feel like begging your ex partner to come back is not something you can do, then the best thing would be to move on. With the advice outlined in ‘The Ex Factor Guide’, you’ll find that it is very possible for you to restore your relationship and get back with your ex partner without either of you being humiliated.


Brad Browning is a relationship coach and breakup expert from Vancouver, Canada. For the past decade, Brad has worked with thousands of men and women around the world, helping to reverse breakups and mend broken relationships. Brad is the author of this best-selling Ex Factor Guide program, which teaches readers how to get their ex back.

What is The Ex Factor Guide?

The Ex Factor Guide is a dating program for both guys and females who are keen to get their ex back. The objective is to get your ex back. However, it shows the reverse, your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend would absolutely be the ones yearning to be with you again. The Ex Factor guide will instruct individuals with their unique techniques and strategies to enlighten you to get the interest of your ex towards you. It described in precise details on how you can get your ex-love back again which is more powerful and strong.

The Ex Factor Guide is a self-help system that enables you to get your ex back after a breakup. It does not matter the situation and circumstance surrounding your break up. In few powerful steps, you will learn how to erase the negative feelings your ex may have towards you. Also, you will find amazing tips on how to reconnect with your ex in a bid to starting the relationship afresh on a new foundation.

This program is a well-choreographed solution to turning the tables and getting your ex back into your arms. Many of the beginners had doubts as to whether this would be possible but within a short time, they were able to get their ex back. The results are not realized overnight as some of the scams out there purport. It takes time but the results are assured.

The EX Factor Guide Program

What Will You Learn From The Ex Factor Guide?

  • This guide will give you a step by step process that will help you win your ex back; this proven method will change things and make your ex-feel guilty about the breakup, even if it was your fault at the very start.
  • You will also learn the most common reason why people choose to give up on relationships.
  • The guide also gives you principles that if you applied will see your ex-take a very keen interest in you all over again.
  • You will also learn the best ways to apologize on your ex-ask them out for dinner and eventually ask them to take you back into their lives.
  • Even if your ex-has moved on and found someone new, this guide will show how one can use the situation to your advantage. One can make them see how he or she is better than her current man is nothing compared to you.


  • The Ex Factor Guide” main program e-book.
  • “The Ex Factor Guide” audio series audio files.
  • “The Ex Factor Guide” video series video files.
  • “10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction” e-guide.
  • “7 Steps to Sex Appeal” e-report.
  • “The Relationship Repair VIP Membership” 30-day free trial access.

The EX Factor Guide pdf


  • In The Ex Factor Guide, you will certainly discover what men or women genuinely want and from this, you can acquire the concept on how to get attraction from them.
  • The Ex Factor Guide program adds confidence to the readers towards getting their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back.
  • The Ex Factor Guide is pure natural profoundly rooted from personal experience.
  • The Ex Factor Guide does not just provide how to get your Ex back but also fortify their relationship forever.
  • This system reveals the human psychology of what a man and woman is really thinking and feels.
  • With The Ex Factor Guide, you will have a successful and pleasing relationship forever.


  • It requires a lot of time and effort.You will need to commit yourself to the program as you will be the one doing all the hard work. But success is guaranteed if you put your best effort.
  • If a guy was super rude and treated you like dirt and made you feel like poop, If the character doesn’t seem deserving of a second chance, the romance might not sell.

the ex factor guide reviews


The Ex Factor Guide actually is the best short course which enables men and women to find happiness by having the right amount of control in their relationships. When you use the technique described in The Ex Factor Guide program to Win Back the love of your ex you can be sure that you will be able to win your ex back. You are going to learn many things that you probably never even thought of before and these can be applied straight out of the box. However many of these things will require time and practice before you an put them to any use although there are some techniques that can be used straight away. Once you put these techniques into practice it’s going to change your life.


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