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Author: Brad Browning

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ex factor guide review

A break-up is probably one of the most tragic and saddest experiences in a person’s life. When you are very much vulnerable, you get one of two results: you will either move on or live with a lot of pain. However, how can you move on from someone you love deeply? How can you let go of the good memories when everything was sweet and seemed happy. What if there is still a chance to mend the broken heart? Is there any chance to fix what has been broken?

The Essence of True Love:

The truth is if you value what you had, and if you are willing to win back the heart of the person you love, there is always a way. Have you heard of the classic story about how an old couple stayed together against all odds? This was a short anecdote published by a reporter who asked an old married couple how they were able to stay together for so long. The couple answered that their generation always valued relationships more than anything else. So, they always focused on fixing issues instead of just avoiding them.

This article teaches everyone who wants to get back with their ex-partner what they should do. If you are one of them and currently reading this article, there is good news for you. You can now seek help, guidance, and self-esteem boost from The Ex Factor Guidebook by Brad Browning.

Who is Brad Browning?

Brad Browning is the person responsible for the creation of one of the most talked about relationship guidebooks out there. He is the author of this relationship guide masterpiece. The Ex Factor Guidebook is incomparable to all other relationship guidebooks out there because of its unique substance.

This is the ultimate product for someone who is a dating coach and a relationship advice columnist with years of experience. Brad Browning charges approximately one hundred and fifty dollars for his therapy sessions. However, he has made his therapy session more affordable by everyone interested in this guidebook.

For only such an affordable price which is even lesser than acquiring his service as a therapist, The Ex Factor Guidebook will help you get back your ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend or ex-partner.

Browning has created a fully comprehensive and highly intensive guide for recognizing your past mistakes and learning the process of dealing with those mistakes.

What is The Ex Factor Guide All About?

The book is simply an all-inclusive layout on how you can win back your ex. It is a strategic method for unleashing the covert, powerful ideas and innate characteristics of the human mind that will help you become exactly who your partner wants you to be and who he or she deserves. So, if you have that particular person whom you just can’t forget about or an ex about whom you strongly feel is “the one,” The Ex Factor Guide will surely help you out with this process.

Most often, in any relationship that goes through a rough and tough road, partners experience tragically sad and painful exchanges of words and actions that could probably lead one of the two to find it hard to go back. Deep cuts can be created into your souls; however, there are some cuts that can repairable.

The Ex Factor Guidebook will aid you in the process of winning back your ex. But this will happen only if your ex is still single. This is an efficient and effective guide to getting back the trust and the connection you lost with your partner.

ex factor guide review

A Message of Encouragement and Empowerment:

If you sum up all the pages of the book about Brad’s advice, you will see it sends an extremely powerful message that could change the lives of the ex-partners or ex-lovers out there. The book teaches everyone the essence of encouragement and empowerment. You have to empower your innate brilliance and characteristics for winning back the person you love.

Browning has enlisted several strategies and techniques to influence or persuade your partner’s behaviour. However, it is not that easy as you think and not even Brad Browning can attest to that. He never mentioned in his book about making everything alright in an easy way.

This further will entail you to first determine the cause of the breakup. When you are able to identify the root cause of the breakup, you can easily unravel the real problem behind everything. Once you are able to recognize the main cause of the problem, this will help you both you and your partner to absolutely benefit from reconciliation. Through this step, you will see it as a new beginning.

Why the Ex Factor Guide Stands out from the Rest?

Perhaps you would be doubtful about this guide at first. You would be wondering and asking questions about its legitimacy and effectiveness. So, what sets it apart from the rest of the relationship guidebooks available in the market? 

The Ex Factor Guide stands out from the rest because it provides a step by step readily usable tips and hacks to start your game plan quickly as soon as you get this book.

When you are able to follow the steps, you will probably see a dramatic change and when you get the positive response of these actions, it only means that you will be getting closure. Thus, it will help in improving your level of confidence. Moreover, it will create a new appeal that will make your ex-wonder how he or she was not able to notice that when you were together and how they missed it the first time.

Get encouraged and feel motivated by the successes and achievements of the small steps mentioned in this book. Empower your mind, body, heart, and soul. Keep reading the book and continue to do the step by step actionable suggestions that will allow you to witness fast and effective results. So, prepare yourself to win back your special another half.

The EX Factor Guide pdf

Inhale in the Future – Embrace Positive Vibes:

In order for you to move forward with your ex together, you will have to embrace a positive future. You need to drive out the negativities and bad tensions from the past. The first step to do this is, to be honest. Be completely truthful with yourself.

Take a pause and take a good look at yourself. Try to understand the usual patterns of behaviour that you have exhibited in the relationship. This inward-looking method will let you identify the root of the issues that had caused any downfall of the relationship or breakup in order to repair or fix the broken parts.

Release the Past – Let Go of What Was Behind:

One way or another, you may look at all sides of the relationship and see that both of you took actions that displayed a lack of respect or care for each other. Once you recognize this and accept your past, it will be time for you to let go of what is behind. You should let go of the past and start to move forward in your relationship.

However, as you are a human being, there are some attributes or things that would be difficult for you to change. But if you love someone and you want him or her to stay with you, changing the negative behaviours of you will be worth it. Being clingy, the constant need for validation and jealousy are just some of the negative behaviours we all possess. But there are some people who are tremendously good in maintaining relationships. You just have to look inside of yourself, be honest and continue to move on.

ex factor guide review


The Ex Factor Guide is a comprehensive system that has become a greatly popular guide for strengthening relationships. It has already helped many people from all around the world to determine their faults and their positions in the relationship. It is widely known by those who have gotten their ex-partners back following this book and they consider is a bible for relationship guides.

However, this is not an overnight process. It will take some time for everything to be settled down with your partner. Hence, you should not expect anything that is way beyond its coverage or usage. You need to be absolutely serious about the whole process.

Finally, you must determine the real reason why you want to get back your ex. You must be able to understand that it is not just because of the pain you are suffering from but because you genuinely want him/her. You have to resolve the panic phase so that you can go further to the acceptance stage. Therefore, make yourself ready to have the new beginning with your ex.

ex factor guide review

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